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Bars Bars are used to attach weights to. They are versatile exercise tools that can be used for pressing, lifting, pivoting and more. 1
Belts Belts are used to protect the lower back and to attach weights to yourself. 2
Benches 1
Breathing Devices 1
Dumbells Dumbells are the staple of strength training equipment. You need at least 2 bars and an assortment of weights from 1 lb up to 20 or even 40 lbs. 3
Exercise Bikes 1
Fitness Equipment 1
Home Gyms 6
Inversion Tables 1
Kettlebells 1
Pullup Bars 1
Pullup Equipment 1
Pushup Equipment 1
Racks 3
Resistance Bars 1
Rowing Machines 8
Stands 1
Steppers 4
Treadmills 2
Wearable Weights 1
Weight Lifting Bars 3
Weights Lift them weights! Kettlebells, Dumbells, Barbells, etc. The heavy stuff. 3