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The posts we love/hate… your sprints and your burpees.

About two weeks ago I discussed doing joint mobility drills first thing in the morning. Specifically I chose Steve Maxwell’s Daily Dozen as my main morning drill. Well, it’s two weeks on and this is what I’ve found:

  • I have been able to pinpoint problem areas with my flexibility, e.g. left hip, hamstrings, and lower back. By focusing on these exercises a little longer I have started to make improvements – especially on the hamstrings. If you never stretch, or are quite sedentary you’ll never notice your flexibility weak points. The skeleto-muscular system is a network of interlinked components, so one tight bit can affect other parts of your body. Ironing out your flexibility issues can really increase your overall well being
  • These exercises are a great segue into intense exercise first thing in the morning. I have never enjoyed working out first thing in the morning because I feel too stiff and uncoordinated. I did the first 8 exercises of the daily dozen, plus a couple of slow squats, which covers most body parts and gets the blood pumping to all corners. After this, I feel much more equipped to take on an intense kettlebell set without straining something!

I have more to write, but need to get moving! Once again I recommend trying joint mobility exercises first thing in the morning. At the very least you’ll feel a bit more relaxed and ready to take on the day.


Steve Maxwell just released 3 video courses of routines similar to the Daily Dozen. There is a video for each skill level: beginner, intermediate and advance. I have bought them just now, and will post my experience ASAP! In the meantime, check them out here.

Maxwell Joint Mobility Sample Video:

Having big biceps or huge guns is the dream of many, if not all men. When you have huge biceps you can be sure to make girls swoon and other men envious.

While keeping in mind that not all of us are blessed with huge arm genes, there is a way to achieve the best you can with what nature gave you. Here are some basic pointers to consider when you train so you can achieve biceps that will make you look like a greek god when sleeveless.

Big Biceps

Triceps Matter Just as Much

The biceps are the most visible muscles in your arms, the ones that you want to make grow. However, we have to take into account that they only make up a 1/3 of your arm, most of your arms are made up of the triceps. The key here is to focus just as much on training your triceps as you do your biceps. Training your triceps as an afterthought after blasting your biceps is not going to help you achieve the amazing arms you are imagining.

Heavier Weights, But Sometimes Less Is More

The reason you lift weights is to trigger a growth response. For your arms you need to lift heavier weights with more reps than you are used to in order to make your muscles grow. Focus mainly on heavy training with 6-8 reps throwing in an occasional few weeks of lighter training to keep it varied and your muscles from plateauing. Do not over do your bicep training, we all know this scenario: lets go to the gym, locate ourselves in front of the mirror and blast the living day lights out of our biceps ya… why just do 3 sets when we can do 10? because sometimes less is more, all you want to achieve is to out do your last workout. No point doing this just to pump your muscle up at the gym only to have it deflate later on.

Keep It Varied

Make changes to your work out routine, it need not even be anything drastic, just by changing the order you do your exercises in will help. Try out different machines at the gym or use a hammer curl bar instead of a standard bar. If you are really serious about developing your arms learn the anatomy your body and implement exercises that target specific sections of each muscle in order to gain maximum growth.

Strength Training is Vital to Huge Amazing Biceps

Do not ignore strength training, doing pull ups, chin ups, rowing and working out your overall torso, your shoulders, chest and back will provide a great benefit for you biceps you can be assured of that. Do not just train your biceps in isolation because if you do your arm muscles will always be fatigued and you will not find any growth there, not only that but if you train your entire torso you are benefiting your overall look.

Great biceps and an amazing body all over. He does not skimp on the strength training.

Eat Eat Eat, Sleep Sleep Sleep

You also have to look at other aspects of your lifestyle and make sure that you are eating plenty, try to consume a bit more calories than you burn in order to promote muscle growth. Get lots of sleep so your body can rebuild itself. Your body releases growth hormones when you sleep which you need to develop the biceps of your dreams so SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.

Deadlifts are amazing for building a rock-hard. ripped body. This is the exercise to turn to if you want to build as much lean muscle mass onto your frame in a short time period. All you will need is a bar and weights.

Deadlifts will basically stress out every muscle in your body while also improving your posture. But don’t be fooled, it is not all so easy as deadlifts are one of the hardest exercises to perform. Deadlifts will leave you gasping for air and feeling nauseus. But if you want excellent and fast results, this is definitely the way to go.

How To Deadlift Properly
This is a very basic guide to deadlifting. Make sure you consult a professional trainer before trying this on your own at home.

1.Place the barbell on the ground with weights according to your strength and fitness level. It is important to remember to not overdo it with the weights if you are just starting off as you could easily injure yourself.

2. Position the bar 2″ to 4″ from your shins when standing.
With thighs parallel to the floor lower your hips making sure that the lower parts of your leg remain vertical. Stick your butt out.

3. Squat down and grasp the bar. Lift the bar up, keeping your shoulders pulled back.

4. Flatten your back and always look straight forward. If you look down you make your neck round and if you look up you can injure your neck.

5. Keep your back straight while lowering the bar in a controlled manner back to the starting position.