Yes we’re still here – it was a busy end to 2007. The training continues, along with improved methods and plenty more exciting stuff to discuss.

Yesterday, I received Ross Enamait’s latest book (and DVD) Full Throttle Conditioning in the mail! As I expected it’s full of practical advice related to setting up a comprehensive conditioning workout. The vague focus is toward boxing, however he writes about conditioning for many types of athletes. There is a great section on fat loss, and why aerobic exercise is not the way to go. I haven’t read it all yet, but will write up a review once I’ve finished it and have used it during workouts. I can say that it contains a heap of material to help you expand your conditioning repetoire. I’d say that most people will find something in there that they haven’t seen or thought of before. In usual Ross style, most things are low-tech and can be done with not a lot of space. In my opinion, that is why Ross’ books are most worth getting – they cut right to the chase, and you can start using them after 10 minutes reading.

There is also a DVD containing video tutorials and demonstrations. This appears to have reduced the size of the book quite a bit, as he hasn’t had to include the many pages of images. The previous books had time-series collections of images used to demonstrate exercise moves.

Go check out his site now. I definitely recommend getting either Infinite Intensity or Never Gymless as these have full discussions on nutrition, rest, supplements, and of course many explanations of strength and conditioning routines.

Until next time. Write to us – ask questions, let us know what you think, etc.

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