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Having trouble with your handstands, or bench press?

Why you should focus on building muscle instead of doing cardio

Why not be a muscle girl instead of starving yourself with fad diets (think the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, Subway diet, and even dieting pills)? The best way to achieve that sexy, buff and toned body is through weight training.

Too much emphasis has been placed on cardio training as the best way too lose weight, often overlooking weight training completely.It is a scientific fact that muscle burns fat. So the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. This means that muscles burn fat while you sit on the couch and even while you sleep. Muscles burn fat all the time! Many women fear that working out their muscles will cause them to look bulky and huge, the truth is that women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies for this to be possible. The result of weight training is a gain in muscle strength and density.

Muscle Girl

Muscle Girl

Your muscles’ main source of energy is fat. Muscles are tissues that are constantly renewing themselves and burning up calories, this is the driving force behind your metabolism. So as you start building muscles and increasing your metabolism you can eat a reasonable diet without gaining extra weight.

Keep in mind that you should throw away the scales as muscles weigh much more than fat. So although your waistline will be significantly trimmer you may weigh about the same as you did before. What you have to look at is muscle mass percentage and body fat percentage.

A butt to aspire to

A butt to aspire to

The Three Main Fat Burning Muscle Groups to Workout

1. Legs and Butt
The leg muscles (hamstrings and quads) and the butt (glutes) are the largest muscles in our body. Take advantage and train this muscles and they will so most of the fat burning work for you. To get that perfect butt looking perky and tones you will need to do many weighted squats and lunges. To begin with you can start by using your own body weight.

We are talking about the pectoral muscles here. The way a womans breasts look are directly associated with the pecs. Build up your chest muscles and you will lift your breasts. This is good news indeed, not only are you burning fat but you are getting a natural boob job.

3. Back
Building back muscles not only help us on our quest to burn fat, they are essential to our health as they help support our spine. Weak back muscles can casue back aches and pains.

Great back on this girl

Great back on this girl

So this was our first post for the ladies – tell us what you think!

Deadlifts are amazing for building a rock-hard. ripped body. This is the exercise to turn to if you want to build as much lean muscle mass onto your frame in a short time period. All you will need is a bar and weights.

Deadlifts will basically stress out every muscle in your body while also improving your posture. But don’t be fooled, it is not all so easy as deadlifts are one of the hardest exercises to perform. Deadlifts will leave you gasping for air and feeling nauseus. But if you want excellent and fast results, this is definitely the way to go.

How To Deadlift Properly
This is a very basic guide to deadlifting. Make sure you consult a professional trainer before trying this on your own at home.

1.Place the barbell on the ground with weights according to your strength and fitness level. It is important to remember to not overdo it with the weights if you are just starting off as you could easily injure yourself.

2. Position the bar 2″ to 4″ from your shins when standing.
With thighs parallel to the floor lower your hips making sure that the lower parts of your leg remain vertical. Stick your butt out.

3. Squat down and grasp the bar. Lift the bar up, keeping your shoulders pulled back.

4. Flatten your back and always look straight forward. If you look down you make your neck round and if you look up you can injure your neck.

5. Keep your back straight while lowering the bar in a controlled manner back to the starting position.

Here is a guy doing bounding steps in a gym. This type of training is very important to develop explosive strength. As someone comments on youtube, you do have to be careful of your joints when doing training such as this. We recommend warming up before doing plyometric training and to always stop if you feel any pain.