– the world’s favourite time wasting device (let’s forget about FaceBook for a second)? Maybe. But we propose that it can be one of the most useful tools available on the web when it comes to enhancing your workout routine. This will particularly appeal to those of you who are not fans of reading.

Try this now:

  1. Go to: YouTube: pushups. Notice we’re in the Sports category. This will get you much better results.
  2. Change the display mode to grid by clicking on the little blue boxes on the top-right of the search results.
  3. Now you have your very own pushup video wall. Just watch each one and I guarantee you will learn a lot about pushups.

We have to stress that since YouTube is open to anybody, you are going to see a wide variety of techniques up there – some of them very wrong. So, before you start to use a technique you find up there, you need to research it. And where better a place to start than here, at the TSR Strength Training at Home Search Engine. Here, you’ll be able to find expert information to help you decide on the quality of each video in your new workout video wall.

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